When you are planning your own wedding, you need everything to be near-perfect because it is your big day. It is also common for brides to feel overwhelmed and stressed because of all the pressure and work they have to do. If you are a bride-to-be who is beginning to plan her own wedding, we have some tips for you that will help you along the ride.

  1. Check-list    

Keep with you a list of thing that you are supposed to do. Divide your list into sections about the tasks that are most important and the tasks that do not require much time and can be done later on. As you finish your tasks, mark them, so you know what you have already completed and the chores that need to be done.

Seven tips for a bride planning her own wedding include starting with a checklist

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  1. Wedding Venue

Spring is the ideal time to have a wedding in Utah. You should decide if you want to have an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding so that deciding on a venue becomes easy. The best thing about Utah is its views. Venues like Le Jardin have some sights of the surrounding area. Not only is the venue beautiful, but it features indoor areas in case of a change in weather on your wedding day, which makes it ideal for spring.

Seven tips for a bride planing her wedding include picking the venue

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  1. Do Your Research

Always do your research before deciding on anything. If you are interested in some vendor, ask around if they are reliable enough. You can check out the reviews of the previous customers and ask them for advice. When you are looking for a band, ask around so that you get the best one. You can check out Utah cover bands for wedding receptions as they offer excellent services.


Seven Tips for a bride planning her own wedding include doing your research

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  1. Set Your Budget

When you are looking for venues and vendors and dresses, it gets easy to get carried away and forget your goal. What you need to do is set your budget first, and after that, follow it accordingly. If you do not pay attention to where you are putting your money, you might spend it all on random things while the most important items will get ignored.


Seven tips for a bride planning her own wedding include setting a budget

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  1. Get Personal

Your wedding is about you, so try to incorporate your personalities into the event, so it reflects who you are. From the favors to the outfits and the first dance, don’t be afraid to add a little personal touch to your wedding.

Seven tips for a bride planning her own wedding include getting personal

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  1. Have A Plan B

It is wise to have back-ups in case something does not go according to your plan. Having a plan in case something goes south will help prevent you from focusing on all the things that can go wrong.

Seven tips for a bridge planning her own wedding include having a backup plan

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  1. Get Help

One thing that most of the brides end up doing is that they take the entire burden on their shoulders and at the end, it can get exhausting. You do not have to do everything yourself when your friends and family are there to help you.

Seven tips for a bride planning her own wedding include asking for help


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Most importantly, enjoy your wedding and enjoy planning it!


Seven tips for a bride planning her own wedding makes the process easier

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About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music.


Fall has arrived, and this means that new wedding dress styles are available. While some of spring’s trends are still around like fashionable toppers, statement skirts and fresh silhouettes, this year’s fall wedding dresses are all about offering you something that will show off your personality.


Fall Wedding Dresses

Floral Inspiration


Flowery motifs are in style for fall. Fun and flirty, these dresses come in many different designs. Choose from dresses featuring a petal enhanced skirt or one with a flower-embossed bodice. This year’s dresses come with 3D appliques embroidered with beads or draped in tulle. Fall wedding trends include fancy ball gowns decorated with grand rosettes as well as dresses that have a subtle flower addition such as a row of delicate flowers draped flatteringly around the waist. With a flower-themed dress, you’ll turn heads and give your future spouse a reason to smile.  

 Fall wedding dresses are inspired by flowers

Photo taken by Jessica Ajeman of Gateway Bridal's Gardenia Dress 


Dash of Whimsy


Instead of sequins and rhinestones, try a dash of whimsy. This year’s fall wedding dresses are styled with specks of glitter or threads of glimmering metallic threads, giving them an ethereal shine. Feathers are also one of the year’s design elements. You can purchase a dress with a feather-trimmed hem or feathery sleeves if you want something a little glamorous. For a dress with a bit more flash, select one that has a glittery applique.


Photo of LatterDay Bride's Rosetta Dress 


360° of Style


Style from every angle is in fashion this fall. With 360° of style, your dress will show you off from the front and the back. This is a trend that is picture-perfect from every side. Back detailing includes elements like illusion mesh, open keyhole designs and intricate sheer lace. If you go with a 360 ° style dress, consider wearing your hair up to show off the back of your pretty dress.




Photo of Latterday Bride's Loveland Dress 


Lace is Back


Lace is a fall wedding dress design that is both traditional and trendy. To update this classic style, wedding dress designers are adding fresh lace details. They are also using surprising combinations. For instance, you can wear a lace sheath dress with long sleeves for a bohemian look or one that comes with a keyhole back if you prefer something that exhibits an elegant style. If classic is more your thing, then go with a modern lace wedding dress that features a high neckline or one that has a bit of flair from the knees.


Photo by PhotobyKimber of LatterDay Bride's Josephine Dress 

Never a Better Time to Be Getting Married


Fall wedding dresses come in many styles. So, whether you’re the type of bride who prefers to embrace her romantic side or would rather wear something that lets you share your personal sense of style, you’re sure to find the perfect gown.


Photo by BreanneWeston of LatterDay Bride's Palisade Dress 



A fall wedding gives you so many creative themes to choose from. Getting married in the fall means that you can choose a theme that’s highly seasonal or one that uses just a few of the season’s elements. Fall weddings can be casual, formal or something in between. Here are a few wedding themes for fall.


Wedding Themes for Fall

Try a Fall Foliage Theme


We know that this is an obvious choice, but think of everything you can do by choosing a fall foliage theme. If you’re getting married in the mountains, then the fall leaves will create the perfect backdrop and surroundings for this special day. Make a fall foliage theme fancier by spray painting gold leaves or keep things casual with table runners made from leaves in their traditional colors. Branches covered in fall leaves are the perfect centerpieces for your wedding. They’ll bring the season to your event in a subtle way.




Consider a Harvest Wedding Theme for Fall


Wheat stalks, pumpkins and haybales can all be a part of your harvest wedding theme for fall. This is an especially fun choice because it gives you plenty of variety and texture, making it easy to customize your big day. Moss and wheat centerpieces are natural and elegant while pumpkins give your reception that punch of pretty color. If you want to use pumpkins but orange doesn’t quite fit in with your theme, then paint them white, silver or one of your wedding colors.


Go Full-On Halloween


If you’re getting married in October, then go with a full-on Halloween theme. A Halloween theme doesn’t have to be goth. It can be whimsical and fun or elegant and romantic. While we recommend that you avoid using decorations that are reminiscent of your favorite horror flick, we do advise using a color palette like black and red or purple and green. If you don’t mind a smidge of goth, go ahead and decorate with red roses and black accents. Ravens paired with a bit of glitz are a classy way to bring in a Halloween theme. If you prefer to decorate whimsically, pair a Halloween purple with black. For instance, place purple candles inside black candle holders for centerpieces or to decorate the gift or cake table.  


Wedding Themes Make Planning Easier


Choosing a wedding theme can be challenging, but trust us, it’s easier to have one than it is to try and tie everything together without one. Fall themes are perfect because from the décor to the colors, the basics are built right in. Besides, wedding themes for fall are colorful, creative and fun.  




 Picture of Gateway Bridal's Wallace Dress taken by Nichol from Love One Another Photography

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable, and stressful, days in your life. On the day of your wedding, the last thing you need are unexpected surprises. We put together this wedding day survival guide to help you avoid them.


Wedding Day Survival Guide


Take Time for Yourself on Your Wedding Day

While you’ve surely planned to spend a few moments alone with your future spouse on your wedding day, you should also take some time for yourself. There are so many things to do on your wedding day that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Try to set aside a few minutes every hour or so just to breathe and recharge.


Plan Something Normal

On this important day, you’ll get to wear the fancy clothes, eat your favorite foods and enjoy being the center of attention. All of these things are great, but you may need a little normal during such a life- changing event. Drink a soda, have a burger and fries for lunch or put on your favorite iTunes list in your changing room and dance with your friends.


Assign Someone to Create Space

When you get married, your wedding guests will want to hug and congratulate you, which may cause sensory overload. It’s unlikely that you’ve had as many people touch you in one day as you will on your wedding day. Avoid sensory overload by assigning a trusted friend or family member to create space around you when they notice that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.


Picture taken by Christie Q Photography


Make a List of Things to Keep from Your Wedding

 If you spent hours putting together your table centerpieces or other decorations and want to hang on to a few of them, then make a list of the things that you want to keep from your wedding. It can be easy to become distracted by the many wedding traditions and leave the venue at the end of the night without these important keepsakes. Be sure to give this list to your bridal party and the venue coordinator. That way, you’ll have them saved for you when you return home from your honeymoon.

Being Prepared

Even with this wedding day survival guide, you’re likely to run into something unexpected. When you do, roll with it. Don’t let unforeseen events mar your big day. Just remember, the most important thing is that you’re starting a new life, one that’s sure to bring you joy and happiness.  


Photo taken by of bride Sarah Frye wearing Gateway Bridal's Palisade dress

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