Welcome to our fabulous behind the scenes, cutting edge, delicious and decadent marketing. These are just a few of our favorite marketing photos. Our Eye Candy photo shoots put our stunning gowns against beautiful backdrops that compliment the latest in this season's styles.



We feel like local celebrities! Check out the local news spotlights that we've been chosen to participate in. We've loved getting to know the studio anchors and presenting our dresses to the Channel 2, KUTV audience.


News Spotlight 03/13/2015: Dressing for Prom


News Spotlight 05/23/2014: Tuxedo Trends


News Spotlight 03/27/2014: Gateway Bridal 


News Spotlight 03/12/2014: Prom Dresses


News Spotlight 01/07/2014: Wedding Dress Silhouettes


News Spotlight 12/27/2013: New Years Eve Attire


News Spotlight 11/19/2013: Bridesmaid Dress Styles


News Spotlight 10/07/2013: Gateway Bridal & Prom 





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